An installation is composed by several modules, 2 – 3 meters tall and 1.2 meters wide, combined together and controlled from the main module.

Each module can animate light, sound and scents in every combination; it can release fragrances in the air, it can heat a room. It can react to changes in the environment, such as the brightness, a touch on the wall, movement and sound.

All these interactions are driven by the artist who designs the installation, through a series of customized programs, which will be activated by the user interacting with ALL IN WALL

Environmental footprint

ALL IN WALL is built with eco-friendly materials to ensure a low environment impact; it integrates several technologies to reduce the energy footprint:
Smart lighting with LED lights
Radiate heat with high energetic efficiency
Automatic power off-on devices; in sleep mode it can even run on batteries


Animations and interactions with ALL IN WALL are subtle, simple and intuitive.

You can choose different programs for every moment of the day, for example:

  • Alarm-clock program: heating for 15 minutes, then chirping sounds for 3 minutes, followed by your favourite music, while the lights turn on slowly, bringing you out of the world of dreams in the best way
  • Living room program: scattered light, tuned to the brightness of the environment. Reading lights activated automatically when you approach; amplifier connected to the TV set
  • Fair program: attracts the attention of passers-by following them with the light and when they stop, light the catch phrases
  • Lounge-bar program: automatically dimmed lights in synch with the room lightning (intensity and colour)
  • Your imagination is the limit!

ALL IN WALL is controlled with the latest technologies to be set once and used your whole life; or changed every day, according to your mood.

Hot features

  • Quick installation: built and tested at our labs, it only needs to be installed at the client’s location. This typically takes a few minutes per module;
  • Strength: it can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, children’s bedroom, under a water fountain, outdoors. The integrated LED lights have a life of 80,000 hours!
  • Flexibility: it may include additional functionality upon request; the programs can be customized per your requirements;
  • Additional services include: supplies, integrations and changes, maintenance, new programs etc.